Best Battery Grip in 2024: A Comprehensive Review

] Here’s a comprehensive review of the best battery grip available this year, ranked by performance, durability, features, and value for money.

1. Canon BG-R10 Battery Grip for EOS R5/R6

Points: 95/100

The Canon BG-R10 is the top choice for the EOS R5 and R6 mirrorless cameras. It accommodates two LP-E6NH batteries, effectively doubling the camera’s battery life.

  • Performance (25/25): Excellent battery life extension with reliable performance.
  • Durability (20/20): Dust and moisture-resistant, ideal for challenging environments.
  • Features (25/25): Includes vertical shutter release, multi-controller, and AF point selector.
  • Value for Money (25/30): While it’s on the pricier side, the features and durability justify the cost.

2. Nikon MB-N11 Battery Grip for Z6 II/Z7 II

Points: 93/100

The Nikon MB-N11 is a premium battery grip for the Z6 II and Z7 II mirrorless cameras. It holds two EN-EL15c batteries, providing significant battery life extension.

  • Performance (25/25): Outstanding battery performance and efficiency.
  • Durability (20/20): Weather-sealed and robust build for harsh conditions.
  • Features (23/25): USB-C port for direct charging and vertical shutter release button.
  • Value for Money (25/30): High-quality build and features offer great value.

3. Sony VG-C4EM Vertical Grip for A7R IV/A9 II

Points: 90/100

Designed for the Sony A7R IV and A9 II, the VG-C4EM battery grip is renowned for its durability and performance. It holds two NP-FZ100 batteries.

  • Performance (23/25): Reliable battery life extension and performance.
  • Durability (20/20): Magnesium alloy construction with dust and moisture resistance.
  • Features (22/25): Ergonomic design with additional control buttons and vertical shutter release.
  • Value for Money (25/30): Slightly expensive but justified by its build quality and features.

4. Fujifilm VG-XT4 Vertical Battery Grip for X-T4

Points: 88/100

The Fujifilm VG-XT4 is specifically designed for the X-T4 mirrorless camera, supporting two NP-W235 batteries for extended shooting time.

  • Performance (22/25): Efficient battery use and good performance.
  • Durability (18/20): Weather-sealed construction for durability.
  • Features (23/25): Vertical shutter release, focus lever, and command dials.
  • Value for Money (25/30): Offers good value with its feature set and durability.

5. Panasonic DMW-BGS1 Battery Grip for S1/S1R

Points: 85/100

Panasonic’s DMW-BGS1 battery grip is ideal for the S1 and S1R cameras, providing space for an additional battery.

  • Performance (21/25): Reliable battery extension and performance.
  • Durability (18/20): Sturdy and weather-sealed for tough conditions.
  • Features (22/25): Enhanced camera balance and additional control buttons.
  • Value for Money (24/30): A bit pricey, but the features and durability are worth it.

6. Olympus HLD-9 Power Battery Holder for OM-D E-M1 Mark II

Points: 83/100

The Olympus HLD-9 is an excellent choice for the OM-D E-M1 Mark II, providing space for an extra battery to double your shooting time.

  • Performance (21/25): Effective battery performance.
  • Durability (18/20): Weather-sealed for reliability in adverse conditions.
  • Features (22/25): Vertical shutter release, two control dials, and customizable buttons.
  • Value for Money (22/30): Good value with practical features and durability.

7. Pentax D-BG6 Battery Grip for K-1/K-1 Mark II

Points: 80/100

The Pentax D-BG6 battery grip is compatible with the K-1 and K-1 Mark II cameras, offering extended battery life and improved handling.

  • Performance (20/25): Good battery life extension.
  • Durability (18/20): Dust and weather-resistant construction.
  • Features (21/25): Vertical shutter release, e-dial, AE-lock, and AF button.
  • Value for Money (21/30): Solid performance and features, though slightly less value compared to others.


Investing in a high-quality battery grip can significantly enhance your photography experience by extending battery life and improving handling. The battery grips reviewed in this article offer the best features and performance for 2024, catering to different camera models and shooting styles. Whether you are a portrait photographer, landscape enthusiast, or action shooter, these battery grips will help you capture every moment with greater ease and efficiency. Select the one that best fits your camera and shooting needs to elevate your photographic capabilities.

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