How to Replace Airtag Battery


Press down and rotate the stainless steel cover counterclockwise to change an AirTag battery. Remove the old battery by lifting the lid, and place a new CR2032 battery inside, positive side up. ” Replace Airtag Battery”

Navigating the digital world, Apple’s AirTag has become a staple for keeping track of personal items. The sleek design and user-friendly interface allow for easy maintenance, including battery replacement. Apple’s AirTag is engineered for longevity, with a battery life that typically spans about one year, depending on usage.

Ensuring your AirTag remains functional involves a simple battery swap procedure using a CR2032 coin-cell battery. This routine maintenance is essential for continuous real-time location tracking of your valuables. With this insight, AirTag users can proactively manage their device’s power source to avoid interruptions in service.

AirTag Battery Type

The AirTag battery type is a pivotal aspect of its design, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for this compact tracking device. Engineered with a user-friendly approach in mind, the AirTag houses a standard CR2032 coin cell battery, renowned for its reliability and widespread availability. This battery choice not only simplifies the replacement process but also enhances the overall user experience by minimizing downtime.

With the CR2032 battery, users can rest assured that their AirTag remains powered for extended periods, providing consistent tracking capabilities without the hassle of frequent replacements. This thoughtful consideration of battery type underscores Apple’s commitment to delivering seamless and dependable solutions to its customers, further solidifying the AirTag’s status as a versatile accessory for modern lifestyles.

What Kind Of Battery Does The AirTag Use?

The lithium 2032 coin cell battery, which is widely used in several gadgets, powers your AirTag. We provide a variety of pack sizes so you can keep batteries on hand at all times.

A crucial warning- Certain batteries with bitterant coatings designed to keep kids from ingesting batteries may not function with AirTags if they were produced before September 2022. The old Duracell CR2032 batteries you have lying around don’t function as an AirTag replacement because of this coating. Duracell has modified its procedure so that any newly used CR2032s will function without issue.

How Long Do AirTag Batteries Last?

In order to ensure that you are never left without an AirTag, AirTags are made to last more than a year on a single battery. Your iPhone will even notify you when it is time to change the battery.

How Durable Are AirTags?

Is your backpack attached to your AirTag? It won’t be an issue if you find yourself strolling in the rain! Because AirTags are IP67-rated, they can withstand submersion in 1 meter of water for around 30 minutes. You don’t need to worry if your AirTag is attached to anything that could become wet or sprayed by rain.

How to check AirTag battery

Checking the battery level of your AirTag is a straightforward process that ensures the uninterrupted functionality of this handy tracking device. Begin by opening the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad, where you’ll find a tab dedicated to your AirTag. Tap on the AirTag you wish to check, and you’ll be greeted with a screen displaying its current battery status.

This intuitive interface provides a clear indication of whether your AirTag is running low on power, giving you ample time to replace the battery before it becomes depleted. With just a few taps, you can stay ahead of any potential disruptions to your tracking capabilities, ensuring peace of mind in knowing that your belongings are always within reach.

Identifying Low Battery

Your Apple AirTag is a robust tracker, but its power source isn’t infinite. Eventually, you’ll need to keep an eye out for signs that the battery is waning. Knowing when to replace your AirTag battery ensures uninterrupted tracking and peace of mind. In this section, we’ll cover the essential points to identify a low battery situation.

Recognizing Airtag Battery Notifications

Apple makes it easy to spot a low battery. Your iPhone sends you an alert when the AirTag’s battery runs low. Look out for a notification that reads, “AirTag Battery Low.” This prompt appears both as a banner alert and in your ‘Items’ tab in the Find My app.

  • Instant alert- A message pops up the moment your AirTag’s battery reaches a critical level.
  • Accessible status- Visit your ‘Items’ tab anytime to check active notifications.

Checking Battery Status Manually

Prefer a hands-on approach? Perform a manual check. Open the Find My app and select your AirTag. Under the battery icon, you’ll see an indicator. No alert means your battery is in good shape. A low battery icon appears otherwise.

  1. Get your iPhone’s Find My app open.
  2. Choose the AirTag you want to check.
  3. Look for the battery icon next to the AirTag’s name.

Preparing For Replacement

Swapping out your AirTag battery is straightforward. Start by preparing with the right tools and knowledge. Within minutes, your Airtag will be as good as new!

Gathering Necessary Items

Gather these items before starting:

  • A soft, lint-free cloth
  • A new CR2032 lithium coin battery
  • A non-abrasive, anti-slip mat (optional)

Understanding Airtag Battery Type

Your Airtag needs a CR2032 lithium-ion 3V coin battery to work. Use only this type for a perfect fit and proper function.

Safe Removal Practices

Exercise caution during battery replacement. Follow these steps:

  1. Place the Airtag upside down on a soft surface.
  2. Press down on the stainless steel cover.
  3. Turn the cover counterclockwise until it releases.
  4. In order to reach the battery, carefully remove the lid.

Replace Airtag Battery- Step-by-step Battery Swap

The longevity of your AirTag is impressive, but eventually, the battery will need a replacement. Fear not—this simple guide is your roadmap to a swift and effortless battery swap. Brace yourself for an easy way to keep your AirTag running smoothly. Here’s a step-by-step approach to changing the battery, broken down into digestible parts.

Positioning Your Airtag

Start with your AirTag facedown, ensuring the white cover is on the surface, and the Apple logo is facing you. This positioning is crucial for correctly accessing the battery compartment.

Removing The Old Battery

  • Press down gently on the polished stainless steel battery cover.
  • Rotate the cover counterclockwise until it feels loose.
  • Lift the cover off to reveal the old battery.
  • Take the old battery out and dispose of it properly.

Inserting The New Battery

  1. Grab a new CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery (AirTag’s battery type).
  2. Ensure the positive side is facing up towards you.
  3. Place the new battery in the compartment.
  4. Put the cover back on and rotate it clockwise until it locks.

Your AirTag should now be powered up again. Quick, painless, and now back to keeping track of your valuables.

Finishing Touches

Reaching the home stretch, it’s time to secure the new battery in your AirTag and ensure everything is back in working order. Follow these straightforward steps, and rest assured that your AirTag will be ready to track your valuables once again. No technical prowess is required, just a few simple techniques for the final adjustments.

Securing The Battery Cover

Once the new battery is placed, the cover must be secured appropriately. Precise alignment is critical.

  • Align the three tabs on the cover with the slots on the AirTag.
  • Press firmly down on the cover.
  • Turn clockwise until you hear a click.

Confirming Airtag Functionality

Ensuring your AirTag works post-battery swap is crucial. A simple sound test confirms this.

  1. Lock the cover in place, as shown above.
  2. Listen for the initiation sound; it indicates a successful battery replacement.
  3. Open the Find My app on your iPhone to check AirTag’s signal.
  4. If visible, the AirTag is ready to use. If not, recheck the battery’s placement and cover security.

Post-replacement Tips

Now that the AirTag battery is replaced, it’s essential to follow a few simple tips. These will ensure your AirTag continues to work smoothly. They also help to maintain the environment. Let’s jump into the post-replacement measures you need to consider.

Disposing Of The Old Battery

Proper disposal of the old battery is crucial. Always follow guidelines to protect the environment. Here are the best ways to dispose of it:

  • Bring the used battery to a facility for recycling.
  • Check with local electronics stores. They sometimes offer battery recycling.
  • Could you not throw it in the trash? It might harm the ecosystem.

Resetting Airtag If Necessary

If your AirTag doesn’t respond after a battery change, try a reset. Here’s how to reset it:

  1. Press on the AirTag until you hear a sound. This confirms device activation.
  2. Keep your device next to the AirTag. It should reconnect automatically.
  3. If issues persist, visit the Apple Support website for further assistance.

Maintaining Optimal Battery Life

Extend your new battery’s life with these tips:

Action Benefit
Limit exposure to extreme temperatures. Extends battery health.
Keep firmware updated. Ensures efficient energy use.
Avoid unnecessary alerts. Reduces energy drain.

Remember, batteries tend to last longer with careful use. Check on your AirTag settings and make tweaks if needed.

AirTag Battery Replacement Is Not Working

When encountering difficulties with AirTag battery replacement, frustration often mounts as users find themselves unable to resolve the issue despite following instructions diligently. The anticipation of seamlessly swapping out the battery for renewed functionality quickly turns into exasperation when the expected results fail to materialize. Whether it’s a stubborn latch or an overlooked detail, troubleshooting becomes a game of patience and perseverance.

The tiny yet indispensable device, designed to streamline life’s everyday chaos, ironically becomes a source of its own as users navigate the intricacies of its inner workings. Amidst the struggle, there’s a glimmer of determination to conquer the challenge and restore the AirTag to its rightful place, ready to resume its role as the trusty guardian of misplaced belongings.

AirTag Battery Replacement Cost

The AirTag battery replacement cost is a consideration for those invested in Apple’s ecosystem of tracking devices. While the AirTag itself boasts a relatively affordable price tag, the prospect of replacing its battery adds a layer of financial awareness. Though the exact cost may vary depending on factors such as location and provider, it’s generally a small price to pay for the convenience and security that AirTags offers.

For users committed to seamlessly integrating these trackers into their daily routines, the expense of occasional battery replacements is outweighed by the peace of mind and efficiency they provide in keeping track of essential belongings. With careful budgeting and foresight, managing the occasional battery replacement cost ensures that AirTags remain a valuable asset in safeguarding against the chaos of misplaced items.

FAQs For How To Replace Airbag Battery

How Long Does Airtag Battery Last?

An AirTag battery typically lasts about one year with regular use.

What Battery Does An Airtag Use?

An AirTag uses a CR2032 coin cell battery.

What Happens When An Airtag Battery Dies?

Once an AirTag battery dies, the device stops working, and tracking capabilities are lost. It would help if you replaced the battery to restore functionality.

How Do I Reset My Airtag After Replacing The Battery?

Press on the stainless steel battery cover and rotate counterclockwise. Remove the cover and the old battery. Place a fresh battery in with the positive end facing up. Align the cover, then rotate clockwise until it clicks. Your AirTag resets automatically.

What Type Of Battery Does Airtag Use?

AirTags require a CR2032 coin cell battery, which is easy to find at most stores selling electronics or batteries.


Replacing your Airtag battery is simple and keeps your device running smoothly. With new power, your Airtag can retain its seamless tracking efficiency for another year. Remember, regular battery checks ensure longevity and reliability. Keep your belongings secure with a fully charged Airtag.

Stay prepared; replace your battery on time!

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